University Reference Binder 

Contact Information



Phone: (208) 356-4212

Office hours: 12pm-5pm  *Times are subject to change and are posted on the office door.

After Hours

Please respect the managers’ private time. After office hours all questions, rent payments, etc. must be held until the office is open. The only exception is a true emergency.

If you do have a true emergency and the managers are not home (in Apt. 702),  please contact the Maintenance Manager or the Owner (contact info. below).


Cyndi Bird                  Phone: (509) 264-3412                                               

 Randall Harward     Phone: (801) 360-6401                           



For maintenance needs, please submit a Maintenance Request online through the tenant access portal:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on the “Residents” tab

  3. Enter your username and password

  4. Click on the “Messages” tab

Payment Options

For paying your rent online you may choose to set up a one-time payment or a recurring payment through a checking or savings account:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on the “Residents” tab

  3. Enter your username and password

  4. Click on “Payments” tab


For your convenience, please review the answers below to the following questions:

Q:  If one of my light bulbs burns out, am I responsible for changing it?

A: Contact University Courtyard Maintenance to change your light bulb if one goes out. Do not use your own light bulbs. (There is a charge for  missing light bulbs at Check -Out.) 

Q:  What happens if I get locked out of my apartment?

A:  If you get locked out during regular office hours, we will be happy to come and unlock your apartment for you, free of charge.  If you are locked out at any other time, we must charge a $10 lockout fee, which is due in cash at the time of the lockout.

Q: Do the sidewalks have to be shoveled early in the morning?
A: Yes. Your safety is our top priority, therefore we make sure that stairs, landings, and sidewalks are shoveled and ready for use as soon as possible for those leaving for work and school. However, on weekends and holidays we may shovel a little later in the morning.

Q: If I decide to sell my contract, what do I do?

A: Please contact management as soon as possible to review selling procedures. There is a required 30-day notice to sell your contract.  This gives management time to make preparations & schedule wfor transitioning the Apt.

You must come to the office to sign your 30-day notice form before any action can be taken. Once you do that, discuss with the Manager what the next step would be to sell your contract and to see if there is a waitlist for the complex. Management is NOT liable to sell your contract, however we will help if we are able. In the case that no buyer can be found, you will be held fully responsible for the terms of your contract.

Q:  If I need to sell my contract early, will I get my security deposit back?

A:  If you need to sell your contract, there will be a fee charged, to be paid separately from your deposit.

The fee is $250 if you sell it yourself or if Management helps to sell it (we cannot guarantee that it will be sold). Your security deposit is refundable provided there are no other deductions (see Section 5 of the contract and refer to the Deposit Deductions section later in the document).

Q:  How much of my security deposit will I get back when I move out?

A: There is a mandatory $55 charge for professional carpet cleaning, and a mandatory $35 charge for professional tile cleaning held from the security deposit. The remainder of your deposit is subject to refund.  (See section 5 of the contract and refer to the “Common Deposit Deductions” page located in this binder).

*If you have a furnished apartment there is a $60 couch cleaning charge as well.

 Q:  After I move out, when can I expect to receive my deposit refund?

A:  Deposit refunds typically take three to four weeks to process. You should receive your refund within 30 days of the ending date of your contract.

Q:  Is there a way to get my deposit refund when I move out or a few days after?

A:  This is not a possibility, as the Managers do not issue the deposit refunds.   

Q.  I’m moving out before the ending date of my contract; do I still have to pay the full month’s rent?

A.  Yes. There are two times this question usually comes up.  The first time is in December, because many people move out before Christmas.  The second time is in August, because some people graduate in July or leave for the seven week break.  You are responsible for rent until the ending date of your contract, regardless of whether or not you are on vacation or you move out early.  However, there have been occasions where an incoming tenant would like to move in prior to the beginning of their contract. In these situations, we prorate these new tenants rent and refund that to you.  There is no guarantee that this will happen, but there are usually at least a couple tenants each semester who are able to get this to work. Please contact the Managers to see if this is a possibility.


Apartment Rules 

University Courtyard Management (UC) performs a detailed move-in checklist that insures your apartment is clean, functional and ready for you.  If you see anything that is not clean, functional and ready, please let us know immediately so we can remedy it.

After many years of experience with students, UC has compiled a “short list” of rules to be understood by you before you move in. Knowing these rules, as well as the fees and charges when you move in will help you get your deposit return back when you move out.


Read your contract to understand your responsibilities, crucial dates and agreements.


Rent is due no later than 5pm on the first day of the month. Weekends and holidays are no exception. You will incur a $25.00 late fee and $5.00 for each day it is late. If unable to pay rent during office hours, please place it in the laundry room drop box.

*If you pay rent Late 3 times or more, you will not be allowed to resign your current contract, and you will need to find housing elsewhere after your current contract ends.

*ACCEPTABLE PAYMENTS                                                                                           

Electronic payment. We do not accept cash. We do not accept checks unless it is from a financial assistance situation Please put your Apt. number on any checks so we are able to credit the correct account.


 Email maintenance requests by logging into Sign in as a resident with username and password and fill out the request as directed. DO NOT attempt to do your own "home repairs". You will be responsible for any damages, etc. if you do so.


Email Comments and Concerns (except maintenance requests) to the managers at Written records are needed to address your needs.  


Garbage bins are for UC tenants only!  If the dumpster is full, continue to stack bags higher, as Maintenance will compress it.  Placing garbage in front of dumpsters prevents the city from emptying them and is not permitted. Anyone that is seen placing garbage or boxes next to the dumpsters will recieve a $25 fine. Do not place any material other than normal garbage in our dumpsters (i.e. no bicycles, furniture, TV’s, hot ashes or charcoal, sticks or pipes over two feet long, or other large items). The Rexburg City Sanitation will fine us $100 for such items, which will be passed on to you. 


Parking permits must be clearly visible in your front car window at all times.  Any vehicle without a pass or improperly parked will be booted and/or towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Visitor parking is reserved for day guests only and tenants are not permitted to park there. If your guests are going to be staying overnight you will need to obtain a VISITOR PARKING PASS from the office PRIOR to your guests arriving. Overnight passes must be returned the day after guests leave or a fee will be charged.

Vehicles not used frequently should be parked along the Northwest or Southwest ends of the complex.  Any vehicles not moved after 45 days and given repeated warnings will be considered abandoned and will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense. Do not park along fire lanes even temporarily; they are marked by signs & red curbs. No parking near or around dumpsters.


Overnight visitors are allowed to stay for 3 nights, anytime longer than 3 days must be PRE-APPROVED by the owner. There will also be a $5.00 charge per Person, per night they are visiting.


All bikes require a bike pass and must be stored in racks outside. Any bike without a permit or stored improperly is subject to removal. DO NOT lock them to posts or railings, only to bike racks. If the racks near your apt are full, use the rack closest to your building. Bicycles are not allowed in the apartments.  Bicycles left after you move-out will be charged a fee from your deposit.   


Keep all walkways free of clutter.  Do not use the walkway to store personal items (i.e. garbage, chairs, coolers, potting soil, bikes, shoes, etc.). Failure to keep walkways clear is a violation of the Rexburg Fire Code. After one warning, a fee will be imposed and action taken.


Any kind of tape or adhesive is not permitted either in or out of the apartment. Do not place contact paper or other types of adhesive lining on the shelves, drawers, or cupboards in the apartment.  Do not wallpaper in the apartment.  The use of adhesive materials either results in extensive cleaning costs that will be billed to you or the loss of your entire security deposit.

*PETS / ANIMALS                            

Absolutely NO Pets or animals of any kind are allowed; no feeding stray animals for any period of time.  Tenants who are found with pets/animals will lose their deposit. If tenants refuse to get rid of their pets/animal they may be evicted after sufficient notice. 



 Living in an apartment complex means you share safety issues with fellow tenants. Obeying life safety issues may help you save the life or injury of neighbors as you live together. The Fire Marshal requires at least six (6) inches of space between the water heater and possessions you store inside the utility closet.  Nothing flammable can be stored inside the closet. (refer to the sign on the inside of the closet door). No furniture, boxes, or any other items can be pushed against the utility closet vent (the one near the ground).  Six (6) inches of space is required between your belongings and the vent to allow air into the closet.  Please realize that you may be evicted if you do not comply with these rules because your apartment becomes a major fire hazard and endangers your lives and the lives of the tenants around you.  If you are in need of more storage space, check with the managers for storage lockers available for your use.  

*QUIET HOURS                                                                                         

Quiet hours are between 10pm and 8am.  To reduce sound and meet fire code, every apartment has fire walls and an insulated ceiling between floors. Please be considerate and understand that voices, music and movies can still be heard very easily by other tenants.  If you are expecting a loud evening or movie, please use the lounge or notify the other tenants in your building. We understand that everyone is used to a different lifestyle;  hopefully by following these rules we can show consideration for others and make everyone’s stay at University Courtyard pleasant. If it is loud please go and talk to your neighbors, and politely ask them to quiet down. If this does not work, please come talk to management.

These hours also include the Clubhouse, please be considerate of the tenants in building 7, there is an apartment right below the lounge. Please respect them as you would like to be respected.

*FIRE EXTINGUISHER                                                 

Use of the fire extinguisher is for emergency use only and it is required by law to report any use to the management. There is a $50 charge for the refill.

*FEES AND CHARGES                                                                                                    

 Knowing the fees and charges when you move in will help alleviate surprising charges during your tenancy and will also help you get your maximum deposit refund when you move out. Here are our most common fees and charges.  Refer to our list of Check-out Deductions and Forfeitures that lists our most common fees and charges.    

·  Service Call fee: $10 minimum. For repairs/items determined responsibility of or damaged by tenant. This fee is not charged for UC routine & preventative maintenance done by our maintenance team or for items not damaged by tenant.

·  Lockout Fee: $10 if you are locked out anytime outside of office hours.

·  Sinks clogged or slow: $15/hr

·  Contract Transfer Fee: $250 (this fee must be paid outside of the deposit)

·  Clutter Fee:  $25 for failure to remove any clutter from walkways. 


·       Have maintenance replace light bulbs

·       Do not flush women's hygiene products.

·       Do not dispose of food garbage in the sink, use the trash can. 

·       Clean hair out of tub and sink drains after each use.

·       Stay off all roofs, railings, fences and table tops.

·       No firearms are allowed in the apartments, locked or unlocked, this includes your storage locker. (City of Rexburg ordinance)

·       Do not play movies rated higher than PG-13 in our Clubhouse.

·       No smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages on this property.

·       Candles or wax warmers are not to be used in the apartments, NO exceptions.

·       Do not hang clothes or blankets on railings, or anywhere outside.

·       Please do not remove window screens unless cleared by management.

·       Do not use the exterior water faucets.

*I understand that I am responsible for following all apartment rules; those stated in contract, publicly posted, and posted on the Internet. I also understand that the rules may be updated on occasion and that I am to make myself aware of all posted changes.



Internet Usage Agreement

I understand that access to the University Courtyard Network for electronic mail and Internet related services is a utility that is subject to following these rules and guidelines:

Computer Privacy                                                                                                                 

Each tenant has his/her own computer or electronic device for the use of the Internet and related services. I will not trespass within other devices without permission. I understand that violation of this may result in a disciplinary action resulting up to revocation of network and Internet access.

P2P Networks/Piracy                                                                                                        

I will not download anything via any sort of P2P (peer to peer) network, including software, MP3 files, pictures, etc. I agree to not be involved in any sort of piracy related activities. This also includes legitimate files acquired via P2P technologies (i.e. “game updates”, etc.) I understand that violation of this may result in a disciplinary action resulting up to revocation of network and Internet access.

Inappropriate Materials or Language                                                        

The use of profanity, offensive, or sexually explicit material and/or language shall not be used to communicate online. It is understood that if viewed, sent, or accessed,  network and Internet traffic containing such items will be intercepted and if possible, blocked.

Physical Limitation                                                                                         

Due to limitations of the current network and Internet service(s) there may at times be physical Internet outages that are beyond the control of both owner and staff. By signing, you agree that University Courtyard Apartments shall in no way be held liable for such outages; monetarily, legally, or otherwise.

Internet Security                                                                                                       

I understand and agree that by no means will I attempt to bypass, access, or tamper with any network or Internet related device or service that is not under my direct ownership. This includes the use of anonymizer services.


The Internet cost is the responsibility of the tenant & will be paid to management according to how stated in contract. This ‘fee’ is subject to change, at any point, if the complex requires faster Internet or installation and update of equipment is required.

*These rules have been established to ensure a safe online experience for all tenants.

I understand that by signing, I acknowledge that access to the University Courtyard network for electronic mail and Internet related services is governed by the above rules and guidelines. I have read and understand the above rules. If for any reason, the rules are violated, it is understood that all network/internet related privileges will be revoked for a period to be determined.



UC Policies: Outside Clutter 

Fire code and our Insurance Company require UC to keep the stairs, landings and walkways of the apartments clear of any and all items.  

Many items such as bikes, BBQ grills (big or small), buckets, cinder blocks, potted plants and other items, are left where they may cause injury to other tenants. These are not allowed.

Garbage left by your door attracts spiders, bugs, ants, squirrels, and cats that cause many problems.

UC has liability insurance for accidents that may be our fault. However, few tenants at University Courtyard have renters insurance. This means you are liable for causing the injury to another tenant if you leave items outside.

Please put such items in their place: bikes in the bike rack, toppers on your vehicle, car racks on your car, etc.  Personal outside items must be stored either in the trunk of your car or in a storage locker. No personal items may be stored in our parking lot or in the rock or grass areas. They should be stored elsewhere while living at University Courtyard.

Tenants living in the end apartments of each building do not own that walkway. It is a public area and must be free from items that may cut or injure anyone including small children. Some items may cause choking to briefly unattended toddlers. These areas must be clear at ALL times for emergency services as well, such as fire or police.

This is a City Ordinance and University Courtyard rule that we will strictly enforce.
A $25 fee is due after failure to remove clutter and one written warning has been delivered. No exceptions. 


UC Policies: Snow Removal


First Priority: Stairs & Landings

UC will shovel and sand to keep all stairs and landings free of snow and ice as much as possible, however some snow and ice may be on the stairs at times during snow and wind events. This is inevitable & impossible to keep completely clear at all times.

We expect tenants to USE CAUTION on snow and ice, wear winter footwear for traction and grasp the handrails as you traverse the stairs. Do not carry large items or children without assistance from others.

Second Priority: Sidewalks

UC will shovel and sand as needed to keep sidewalks free of snow and most ice. We will shovel when there are two or more inches of snow on the sidewalks. We are able to keep them free from new snow; however some snow and ice may be on the sidewalks at times. Please be careful as you walk to and from school and do not run, even if you are late for something. We recommend not using the lower (north) driveway to walk or drive when you come and go from the complex if it is icy. It is steeper and not as safe. Please use the safer upper driveway.

Third Priority: Parking Lot

Snow will be plowed in the driveways of the parking lot when there is three or more inches of new snow. Snow cannot be removed between cars. Some snow, packed snow and ice will be on the parking lot surface all winter. Tenants are expected to equip their vehicles with winter tires and if possible studs to help with traction - all season radials are not adequate tires for driving in Rexburg unless they are studded.  

The probability of getting into an accident is greatly increased if your vehicles are not equipped with actual snow tires. Occasionally after a heavy snowfall or several small ones, we will inform tenants we need all cars moved to plow the entire lot. This usually is best on Saturdays when tenants can park across the street at BYU-I without a campus parking permit. We will give you a 24 hour notice. . 

We have two locations where we pile snow and we request you not to park in these two areas at anytime during the winter 1.) The upper driveway along the Club house. 2.) Across from building # 3 (We reserve 4 parking stalls to pile snow into the corner and rocks).

Note:  Living in Rexburg in the winter requires that vehicles and people are equipped with appropriate traction tires and footwear. You will be walking and driving on snow and ice for several months. Please purchase any needed items to be safe as you walk and drive.  UC will remove snow and ice in accordance with its snow policy priorities outlined above.



UC Insects 

  • UC is responsible for taking care of any insects that are outside Tenant’s apartment.

  • Tenants are responsible for taking care of insects that are inside their apartment.


During the summer season, we spray insecticide monthly around the exteriors of all the buildings in order to provide a barrier that the insects will not cross.  However, sometimes bugs will still find a way into an apartment.  That being said, if anyone informs us that spiders or ants are a problem on the outside of their apartment, we can spray before they find a way inside the apartment.  

Additionally, if you notice that your baseboards are starting to pull away from the wall or from the corners or that your window sill is starting to pull away from the wall, you are welcome to submit a maintenance request and we can come and caulk those places that need to be tightened up in your apartment.

Once insects are inside, it is the tenant’s problem to correct. Insects are attracted by water and food. Keeping your apartment clean and tidy will stop this attraction for the most part. You can also make sure you don’t leave garbage sitting outside your apartment door (against Rexburg City Code) as that will attract the insects to your apartment area as well.

Insects also like it cool when it is hot outside, so keep your screens in place and your windows and door closed when possible. Some tiny newborn spiders are small enough to go through screens. Closed windows will stop spiders from entering.

We encourage all tenants to help us, help you, keep the pesky insects out.    


Check - Out Procedures


The following information contains many details about our check-out procedures.

A ‘Check-Out Procedures’ form will be brought to you 1-2 weeks prior to checkout.

This is for your reference, as many tenants like to start their cleaning early.               

Here are some things that you should know before you check-out:

Early Sale of Contract

If you decide to sell your contract, it is required to give management a 30 day notice, so they have adequate time to get the new tenant’s account set up and schedule cleaning, carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Balance of Account

Make sure all rents or other fees have been paid. This will ensure a maximum deposit return, void of extra late fees, etc..


Your Apt. must be cleaned thoroughly and have any miscellaneous items removed. Be sure to take your bicycles & any items stored with you. Any cleaning or removal of items that we must do will be charged to you and taken out of your deposit.

Please realize that we have high expectations for cleaning because every tenant deserves to move into a spotless apartment. We greatly prefer being able to return your deposit rather than taking the time to clean your apartment ourselves.

We often have to re-clean things that tenants attempted to clean. This is usually due to poor cleaning techniques or products, not caring enough, or simply not spending enough time and effort. Because of this, we have supplied a list of many of the products and techniques that we have found work well.

If you follow our cleaning suggestions, it will greatly reduce the risk of our needing to ‘re-clean’ your apartment. So please pay attention to the “Cleaning Tips” and ask management any questions you may have.


DO NOT try to clean the carpets yourselves or try to remove any stains from the carpet.  You will likely make the stains permanent, which will result in the FORFEITURE of your deposit and possibly other fees.

Carpet cleaning will be 55$ (This price may vary-please see Common Deductions)

Furnished Apartments

Couches will need to be vacuumed; But DO NOT TRY to clean the upholstery yourselves or try to remove any stains from them. You will likely make the stains permanent or cause further damage, which will result in the FORFEITURE of your deposit.

Couch Cleaning will be 60$

Items to be turned in at the office:

  • All keys: 2 house, 1 mail, & 1 locker key (if applicable)

  • Visitor parking permit

  • Self-addressed stamped envelope (for deposit return)

Change of address

  • Pick up a form at the post office or complete the process online (

  • Mail is not held or forwarded for you after you have left.


Common Deposit Deductions

The following lists are designed to help you receive the maximum deposit refund.  Please review these items carefully.  Although this is a very detailed list, it should not be considered all-inclusive. 

Common Check-Out Deductions

  • Cleaning (if apartment is not cleaned to our expectations): $20 per hour/ per Cleaner

  • Window screens bent, broken, torn, or missing: $15 - $35

  • Carpet Stains: $50 minimum per red stain, $20+ for other stains, depending on size.

  • Large nail holes in the walls: $25 (Anything bigger than small brad nails, such as screws, large nails, and plastic fasteners, will be charged for).

  • Light bulbs missing: $6-$10 each

  • Adhesives and paint damage on walls and doors. $20 per hour

  • Bicycles, belongings or garbage left behind. $15 per hour plus dump fees.

  • Transfer fee if you sell your lease: $250

Other Deposit Deductions

  • Scratches or chips in the furniture glass: $5 - $25. If the glass is broken: $50.

  • Fridge or freezer rods dented or broken: $30 - $45

  • 9 volt smoke detector battery missing: $5

  • Holes in the carpet: $50 - $100 each

  • Furniture damage. $25 minimum

  • Parking pass is lost or returned late: $25

  • Missing keys (house, mail, or storage locker): $40 each

  • Missing furniture: $50 minimum

  • Miscellaneous damage done to apartment: Cost of parts plus $20 per hour

  • Leaving large items of garbage that the city will not take away (such as mattresses and other furniture): $100 minimum

Forfeitures of Entire Deposit

  • Attempting to clean the carpet or remove carpet stains on your own

  • Attempting to clean couch or remove couch stains on your own

  • Keeping pets in the apartment

  • Using adhesive shelf/drawer linings or wallpapering

  • Breaking the terms of your lease


Cleaning Tips 

The following information is provided for your convenience only. Although extremely detailed, it should not be considered to be all inclusive. No matter what products are used or how long it may take, every apartment is expected to be spotless for the next tenant.

You are required to either flawlessly clean the apartment yourself or pay the charges necessary for the cleaners to do it for you. Please keep in mind that you will be held responsible for any damages caused by cleaning (i.e. abrasive cleaners that remove finishes from appliances or furniture, removal of paint due to cleaning, bleach spills on carpet, etc).

If cleaning is done efficiently with quality care, techniques, and products, it is normal for this deep clean of the apartment to take at least 8-12 hours or more. If you have any questions please contact management for answers to your specific questions.

Suggested Products

·     Goo-gone

·     Clorox Wipes

·     Swiffer Duster or other dry, dusting cloths

·     All-Purpose Cleaner

·     Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

·     SOS pads

·     Easy Off Oven Cleaner

·     BAM Easy Off (can be found at Ace Hardware), Arm & Hammer All-Purpose Cleaner, or other good quality de-greaser

·     Lime-Away or Lysol 401

·     Bathroom cleaner (like Soft Scrub)

·     Baking Soda

·     White Vinegar

·     Windex

·     Paper Towels and/or shop towels

·     Toothbrush

·     Plastic putty knife

·     Sponge

·     Pumice Stone

Suggested Techniques

  • Adhesive Marks: Use Goo-gone

  • Windows, mirrors, and the glass table tops: Clorox wipes or Windex

  • Baseboards: remove the loose dust with a vacuum or dry cloth and follow with the Clorox wipes.

  • Scuffs on baseboards, walls, or doors: use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

  • Window and tracks: If you can pull your window out (some will not come out), that is the easiest and fastest way to clean the window tracks. Make sure they are as clean as possible (this can take some time). If they pull out, wipe out the window frame. We suggest doing them last, because if you open the window while you’re doing the rest of the cleaning dust blows in and undoes all your work.

  • Blinds: Swiffer Duster or a dry cloth followed by the Clorox wipes. We suggest doing these last along with the windows for the same reasoning.

  • Doors: spray them down with all-purpose cleaner, use a toothbrush to scrub all the detail work, and then wipe them down. This is especially necessary around the handles and at the bottoms of the door. Use the same toothbrush and cleaning techniques for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

  • Door Frames: Don’t forget to clean the door frames (the tops as well).

  • Vents and Bathroom Fan: wipe down living room vents. Scrub the kitchen intake vent on the ceiling with a de-greaser. The fan in the bathroom will pull out and can then be washed in the sink.

  • Glass-Top Stove: Must use ONLY a type of 'Glass Top Stove Cleaner' with a soft cloth or paper towel to clean. Any surfaces damaged by other cleaning products, scratch pads, etc. will be the responsibility of the tenant.' 

  • Oven: Use Easy Off. Make sure it sits for an hour. When you are finished, make sure that you wipe the residue away with an all-purpose cleaner. Also, SOS pads and plastic putty knives work well for baked in stains that the Easy Off doesn’t remove very well.

  • Microwave and External Areas of the Stove: Use a good de-greaser. We like BAM Easy Off or Arm & Hammer All-Purpose Cleaner. The microwave vent (directly on top of the microwave) and the underside of the microwave need to be free of grease and dirt. A Magic Eraser can also do wonders.

  • Fridge: the bottom shelf with the drawers will pull out, the glass will come up, and the tracks and underneath can be cleaned.

  • Kitchen Sink: This is usually pretty nasty. Use a toothbrush and the lime-away or Lysol 401 to scrub around the edges of the sink and faucet. Also spray the drain catchers with cleaner and scrub them clean.

  • Kitchen Counters: spray them down with an all-purpose cleaner, and use a toothbrush around all the edges and corners. After wiping that away, spray them down again with Windex and wipe. (The Windex doesn’t leave a residue.)

  • Chrome Fixtures, Bathtubs, Sinks, Shower Head, Faucets: Use Lime-Away or Lysol 401. All places with hard water buildup and calcium/lime deposits are going to take scrubbing! Use a toothbrush to get in corners.

  • Tubs: These are difficult to get clean. We use a 4-step process:

1.     Clean it with a normal, non-abrasive bathroom cleaner.

2.     Scrub the tub using a soft sponge and a paste made from baking soda and water.

3.     Rinse the tub with a mixture of white vinegar and water.

4.     Rinse the tub with straight water.

  • Shower Heads: For the calcium buildup on the shower heads, scrub them with a toothbrush and baking soda paste. Pour some white vinegar into a cup and hold it up to the shower head so it can soak for 1 – 5 minutes (however long is needed). Scrub it again with the toothbrush. (Do not remove shower head)

  • Toilet Rings: For toilet rings or stains in the bathroom sink, use a pumice stone and scrub gently, so as to not scratch porcelain. You can find pumice stones at Ace Hardware that have handles on them. Otherwise, you can locate them at Wal-Mart in the bath section.


Areas of Apartment to be Cleaned

All Apartments

  • If it is a winter month, please set your heat at 60 degrees to keeps pipes from freezing.

  • Clean the exterior window, window frame, porch light, and door.

Furnished Apartments

  • Move furniture so you can clean under it. Return it back to position, so it is ready for the next couple to move in. Vacuum the couch with a soft brush vacuum tool, including under the couch cushions and also the mattress. Wipe kitchen chair frames & seats with a damp cloth. Use furniture polish/glass cleaner on everything else.

Living Room

  • Carefully remove all nails and tacks from walls, (do not repair holes)

  • Clean all closet shelves, rod and corners, and vents

  • Clean the walls and baseboards around the room

  • Clean around all light switches, outlets and doorknobs

  • Clean glass light cover in/outside

  • Check smoke detector; replace battery if dead (these can be received in the office.)

  • Vacuum carpet and edges thoroughly. Clean front door and frame in/outside

  • Clean windows inside & outside, frames (in/outside), and tracks (no dust, bugs etc.)

  • Clean blinds on both sides - leave down


  • Clean inside oven with oven cleaner and let set for 1 hour, wipe clean.

  • Clean the oven drawer. Pull stove out and clean the sides and underneath it. Make sure the stove is plugged back in.

  • Clean all cabinets and drawers inside and outside. Make sure to wipe them out and pay special attention to corners where things accumulate.

  • Clean in/ outside of all appliances, fridge, microwave, fan, stove and oven

  • Scrub spotless all stove drip pans with SOS pads.

  • Lift up stove top and clean (under the elements)

  • Clean in/outside of microwave, clean all cracks and degrease fan filter

  • Carefully move refrigerator and mop behind, vacuum lint from vents back & front

  • Clean refrigerator thoroughly: remove drawers and shelves, take the vent off the bottom and vacuum out the dirt and lint and clean the drip pan that pulls out. Replace the vent.

  • Sweep and mop floor and edges under cabinets (must be spotless)

  • Clean glass light cover in/outside

  • Clean backsplash & wall until spotless

  • Clean around all light switches, outlets and doorknobs

  • Clean windows inside only unless on ground floor. (frame and tracks - no dust, bugs, etc.)

  • Clean and scrub faucet, sink, drain stoppers, countertops


  • Clean windows inside only unless on ground floor. (frame and tracks - no dust, bugs, etc.)

  • Carefully remove all nails, tape and tacks from walls, (don’t repair holes)

  • Clean closet shelves, rod and corners

  • Clean walls, door (including panel corners) and baseboards around the room

  • Clean wall shelf above bed

  • Clean around all light switches, outlets and doorknobs

  • Clean glass light cover in/outside

  • Vacuum carpet and edges thoroughly

  • Clean blinds on both sides - leave down


  • Clean tub and shower thoroughly of all scum, stains and mold. Shine chrome. DO NOT use an abrasive sponge or cleaner (such as comet) on the tub.

  • Clean and disinfect toilet in/outside, wipe down all walls with ammonia

  • Sweep and mop tile floor (must be spotless)

  • Clean all walls, doors (including the panel corners) and baseboards

  • Clean around all light switches, outlets and doorknobs.

  • Clean the fan cover (this can be removed to clean thoroughly and efficiently)

  • Clean glass light cover in/outside (this can be removed to clean the interior side)

  • Clean all cabinets and drawers in/outside

  • Shine towel and tissue rods.

  • Clean and scrub thoroughly sink and countertops. Clean the mirror until it is spotless (no streaks).

Window Cleaning and Screen Removal Instructions

Window Screen Removal: Do not clean screen. Only remove in emergency!

In the event of an emergency, follow the instructions below for removal:

Each window has a screen on the right side to ventilate the room and keep bugs out. (If you do not have a screen, submit a request to maintenance immediately.) Screen frames are made of aluminum and are strong when installed correctly; however, when they are not in the proper window track they are flexible and subject to bending and kinking.

As you look at the screen in the window, two tabs should be to the right facing you. Grasp the tabs and pull to the left first and push away from you. The screen will release from the screen's track by moving away from you. Pull the screen into the room by turning it sideways. Look at the screen and you will see two flat springs on the opposite side of the tabs. These flat springs hold the screen into the screen track and lock it in the window frame. When installed properly the screen snaps into this track and there is no space around the screen for bugs and spiders to enter.

If the screen is not installed correctly, these tabs are probably on the outside, or they are on the left side of the screen. DO NOT REMOVE a screen that was installed incorrectly. You are responsible if it is bent or torn in any way. Submit a maintenance request to have maintenance install the screen correctly. 

Window Cleaning:

Do not remove windows. Clean the windows on the inside using Windex or a comparable product. These must be spotless. Clean the tracks with a toothbrush and Q-Tips. Wipe all tracks and frames, including the top of the frame.  Clean inside and outside of window & frame.

In the case that you need to remove a window for any reason, contact Maintenance.